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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday, November 5th 2014

Rouhani's and Khamenei's Iran

Human Rights – Nuclear Program – Regional Influence

Panel discussion

Wednesday, November 5th 2014, 07:00 PM

Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna

Panel discussion (in German) with Saba Farzan, Hiwa Bahrami & Stephan Grigat
Chair: Helmar Dumbs (Die Presse)

After more than one year into Hassan Rouhani’s presidency we will have a closer look on the reality in Iran: What is actually left of the "promises for reform"? What is the current status of the nuclear program and the negotiations with the West? Which role does the situation in Syria and Iraq play for the Iranian regime’s regional expansion?

Saba Farzan is a German-Iranian journalist based in Berlin. She is an Advisory Board Member of Stand for Peace, a Board Member of Liberal International in Berlin and the Deputy Chair of Liberal Women in Berlin.

Hiwa Bahrami represents the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) in Austria and Germany. He is a co-author of „Iran - Analyse einer islamischen Diktatur und ihrer europäischen Förderer“ ("Iran - Analysis of an Islamic Dictatorship and its European Sponsors“).

Stephan Grigat
is the Scientific Director of STOP THE BOMB and author of „Die Einsamkeit Israels. Zionismus, die israelische Linke und die iranische Bedrohung“ („Israels Loneliness. Zionism, the Israeli Left and the Iranian Threat“).

Helmar Dumbs is an editor at the foreign desk of the Austrian daily Die Presse

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