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Wednesday, October 15th 2014


How to conceptualize Islamism and the Iranian regime?

Lecture & discussion

Wednesday, October 15th 2014, 07:00 PM

Uni Campus Altes AKH, Hof 2.6, Room C2
1090 Vienna

In cooperation with the German weekly Jungle World

Note: The event will be held in German

Soon after the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, critics of the Iranian regime attacked the rule of the ayatollahs as „Islamofascism“. Since the 9/11 terror attacks this term has been applied globally. But is this an appropriate way to criticize radical Jihadism? What is the relationship of the mullahs’ dictatorship in Iran and the various Sunni forms of Islamism towards historical Fascism and National Socialism? What is the role of anti-Semitism in the Nazi ideology and in the different forms of Islamism? And what is the difference between a criticism of the Iranian regime and of Jihadism that is based on emancipation and enlightenment on the one hand, and xenophobic agitation on the other?

Lecture & discussion with

Gerhard Scheit (Editor of the periodical „sans phrase“, author of „Suicide Attack. Zur Kritik der politischen Gewalt“)
Jörn Schulz (Editor at the German weekly „Jungle World“)
Heiko Heinisch (Historian, Co-author of „Europa, Menschenrechte und Islam – ein Kulturkampf?“)
Stephan Grigat (Lecturer at University of Vienna, Scientific Director of STOP THE BOMB, author of „Die Einsamkeit Israels. Zionismus, die israelische Linke & die iranische Bedrohung“)

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