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Tuesday, October 14th 2014

Negotiating until Iran has the bomb?

STOP THE BOMB warns against a rotten compromise with the Iranian regime and hosts panel discussion

The coalition STOP THE BOMB will be holding a rally on the occasion of the nuclear talks on 15 October, 10am, Theodor-Herzl-Square, Vienna, to protest against the policy of appeasement towards the Iranian regime. Later the day at 7pm, the coalition will be hosting the panel discussion „‚Islamofascism‘-How to conceptualize Islamism and the Iranian regime“ at Vienna University Campus.

With the rally STOP THE BOMB wants to warn against a rotten deal over the Iranian nuclear program. Said Stefan Schaden, spokesperson for STOP THE BOMB in Austria: „Any deal that would leave the infrastructure of the nuclear program intact will permanently institutionalize the dangers“. Schaden also warns against ignoring the character of the Iranian regime: „The ‚Supreme Leader‘ of the regime denies the reality of the Holocaust and time and again threatens Israel with annihilation. Whoever ignores this has already fallen for Rouhani’s charm offensive. Just at the beginning of October there was again a meeting of Holocaust deniers and regime officials in Tehran.“

The panel discussion on the conceptual classification of Islamism and the Iranian regime will take place in room C2 at Vienna University Campus. The speakers are Gerhard Scheit (political scientist), Heiko Heinisch (historian), Joern Schulz (journalist) and Stephan Grigat (STOP THE BOMB).

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