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Friday, August 17th 2012

STOP THE BOMB criticizes silence on anti-Semitic Quds march

Supporters of the Iranian regime will march through downtown Vienna

This Saturday, August 18th, supporters of the Iranian regime will march through Vienna as every year. The occasion is the so-called "Al-Quds Day", which was proclaimed by supreme leader Khomeini in 1979. Since then demonstrations take place all over the world on that day in support of the goals of Iran's Holocaust-denying regime, in particular the destruction of Israel. The Iranian regime makes no doubt about its intentions. In the end of May the chief of staff of the Iranian army, Hassan Firouzabadi, proclaimed once again that the "complete destruction of the Zionist regime of Israel" is a goal of the "Islamic Republic", according to the Iranian regime-controlled news agency Fars News. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei referred to Israel yet again as a "cancer" that "should be cut and will be cut."
Followers of this ideology will march on Saturday through the center of Vienna. STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Simone Dinah Hartmann urges: "Anyone who is serious about his anti-fascist stance, must speak out against such a march. It must no longer be possible that such a manifestation of the will to annihilate the Jewish state takes place in Vienna unopposed. "
Al-Quds rallies are being held this year in several European capitals with the participation of supporters of the Lebanese Hezbollah, a major pillar of the Iranian regime that has repeatedly been implicated in terrorist attacks worldwide. In Europe, Hezbollah maintains a network, which can strike at any time. In early August Hezbollah MP and former General Walid Sakariya stated about the nuclear program of its Iranian allies: "This nuclear weapon is meant [...] to finish off the Zionist enterprise." Against this background, says Hartmann, "it is scandalous that the EU refused to declare Hezbollah as a terrorist organization a few weeks ago, which means among other things, that they can continue to collect funds for their organization in Europe."

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