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Thursday, December 12th 2013

STOP THE BOMB demands cancellation of EU trip to Iran

EU Parliament Members to reward Iranian regime for human rights violations and hatred of Israel

The European coalition STOP THE BOMB demands the last-minute cancellation of the Iran trip by the European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran. Members of European Parliament like Cornelia Ernst (The Left, Germany) and Josef Weidenholzer (Social Democratic Party, Austria) are set to reward the Iranian regime, whose 'Supreme Leader' still calls the Holocaust a 'myth' on his homepage, with a propaganda success. Further, according to UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed, no progress can be seen on human rights in Iran.

Stefan Schaden, spokesperson for STOP THE BOMB in Austria, criticizes the trip: "The Geneva appeasement deal has not even taken effect, uranium enrichment and the development of modern centrifuges have continued, the brutal oppression of the Iranian population has not changed despite Rouhani's smile, the number of executions has skyrocketed since Rouhani's election with more than 300, and homosexuals are still threatened by the death penalty. It is therefore totally unacceptable that Members of European Parliament are ready to secure the Iranian regime a propaganda success."

Stephan Grigat, Scientific Director of STOP THE BOMB, refers to the regimes's threats against Israel: "The delegation plans to meet the head of the Iranian pseudo-Parliament Larijani who recently called Israel 'the modern face of fascist racism'. The 'Supreme Leader' has repeatedly attacked Israel, calling it a 'cancerous tumor that will be cut out' and an 'illegitimate bastard regime'. The EU delegation provides legitimacy to such 'positions' on the international scene."

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