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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wednesday, January 5th 2011

Sanctions instead of EU-delegations

STOP THE BOMB demands of European parliament to support sanctions against the Iranian regime

In light of the postponement of a visit to Iran by European parliament members, the European coalition STOP THE BOMB that meanwhile is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Austria, has published an advertisement in the "Wall Street Journal Europe". STOP THE BOMB urges the European Parliament to support the immediate implementation of European sanctions against the Iranian regime. Instead of giving legitimacy to the Iranian regime by visits of European parliamentarians, it is time now to impose severe sanctions, specifically against the Revolutionary Guards Corps, which will send the regime a clear message that Europe rejects the brutal oppression of the people and that it stands against Iran's quest to build a military nuclear program, which threatens Israel, the region, the West and the Iranian people.

The advertisement of the "Wall Street Journal Europe" can be found here:



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