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Wednesday, December 4th 2013

Austria a reliable partner for the anti-Semitic Iranian regime?

STOP THE BOMB criticizes Austrian business delegation to Iran

The nonpartisan coalition STOP THE BOMB strongly criticizes the visit of an Austrian business delegation to Iran organized by the Austrian Economic Chambers WKO for December 6-9. Head of the delegation is WKO Vice President Richard Schenz. According to media reports, representatives of the companies Plasser&Theurer, Voestalpine Schienen, Doka, ILF, Doppelmayr and AVL List and others will be going to Tehran.

Stefan Schaden, spokesperson for STOP THE BOMB in Austria: "Nothing has changed in Iran with more than 250 executions under Rouhani, the death penalty for homosexuals, the Holocaust denial by the 'Supreme Leader', the systematic discrimination of women and the 'Death to Israel'-parades. The Geneva appeasement deal has not even taken effect and uranium enrichment is still going on in Iran, but Austrian politicians and businessmen obviously want 'business as usual' with the Iranian regime at any price. This thwarts the spirit of the still existing sanctions regime even before the European Union has officially decided on easing the sanctions. Our coalition will continue to demand tight and consistent sanctions against the Iranian regime until the nuclear weapons program and the suppression of the Iranian population have been completely stopped."

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