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Monday, May 14th 2012

Rally on the occasion of the nuclear talks with the Iranian regime in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB urges tough sanctions and support for the opposition

In light of the talks with the Iranian regime and the IAEA, that are taking place these days in Vienna, and in face of the negotiations with the regime in Baghdad at the end of May, the STOP THE BOMB coalition will be demonstrating on May 14th at 3PM in front of the Iranian embassy (Jauresgasse 13, 1030 Vienna) to call for tough sanctions and the support of the Iranian opposition.
The rally is directed against the continuous dialogue with an antisemitic regime and that Western countries allow Iranian uranium enrichment in order to reach a rotten compromise. Such a deal would even fall behind previous UN resolutions.
In addition, STOP THE BOMB spokesperson, Simone Dinah Hartmann, calls for the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in light of the renewed Death-Fatwa: "Already in the past, Iranian embassies served as bases for terror against exiled Iranians. Instead of granting the Iranians to host the nuclear talks in their representative office, Iranian diplomats should be immediately expelled in the face of calls for the murder of Shahin Najafi, a rapper living in Cologne. At our rally we will play songs of Najafi to demonstrate our solidarity with the Iranian singer."

Regarding the nuclear talks Stephan Grigat, advisor to STOP THE BOMB, highlights: "The numerous details of the Iranian nuclear weapons program that were published by an Iranian opposition group, especially in regards to the feverish development of a nuclear warhead, demonstrate once more that the Iranian regime only wants to buy time through these negotiations. Obviously, in the current situation the Iranian regime is trying to avert the EU oil embargo which has been scheduled for July by making minimal concessions." Grigat demands: "Instead of playing this game, the EU member states need to react by enforcing the oil and gas embargo and completely sanction the Iranian Central Bank immediately. However, Great Britain wants to postpone the planned insurance ban on Iranian oil".

STOP THE BOMB activist Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan-Iran urges "instead of leading a fruitless dialogue with the murderers of the Iranian freedom movement and antisemitic Holocaust deniers, the West must finally commit unequivocally to support the Iranian opposition. All the dangers posed by the regime, can ultimately only be overcome if this regime is overthrown."

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