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Sunday, November 23rd 2014

Rally: No Bomb for Holocaust Deniers!

STOP THE BOMB and Jewish Community of Vienna to hold rally at nuke talks

The European coalition STOP THE BOMB and the Jewish Community of Vienna will be holding a protest rally tomorrow, November 24th, at 10AM, Theodor-Herzl-Square in central Vienna: "No rotten deals with Holocaust deniers! For tough sanctions against the Iranian regime!" Stefan Schaden, the spokesperson for STOP THE BOMB in Austria, warns in a statement: "A deal with the Iranian regime that does not permanently remove the infrastructure of the nuclear program will have fatal consequences. Another extension of the talks would only buy the ayatollahs time to further advance their nuclear and ballistic missiles technology. Also, the talks legitimize the regime and are a stab in the back of the Iranian opposition."

The Secretary General of Vienna’s Jewish Community (IKG), Raimund Fastenbauer, demands an end to the policy of appeasement: "Chamberlains appeasement toward Nazi-Germany was a mistake that should not be repeated. We are saying: No deal at any price! Only a tough stance helps against dictators and especially against Holocaust deniers who time and again threaten Israel with annihilation. Therefore we demand sanctions until the nuclear program has been stopped."

The Academic Director of STOP THE BOMB, Stephan Grigat, will be giving a lecture on November 24th, at 7PM at Graz University on "Negotiating until Iran has the bomb? The Iranian regime under Rouhani and the Iran policy of the West".

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