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Thursday, August 1st 2013

Rally against Islamist “Quds-Day” in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB part of coalition to support protests

STOP THE BOMB supports the "Coalition against Quds Day in Vienna". The Coalition will be holding a protest rally on Saturday 3 August 2013, at 3pm in Vienna at Graben/Pestsäule. An information stand will be open from 2pm until 5pm.

Introduced in 1979 after the "Islamic Revolution" in Iran by Ayathollah Khomeini, "Quds Day" is to be held annually after the end of Ramadan to rally worldwide for the destruction of Israel. At "Quds March" in Vienna, Hezbollah flags are consistently featured.

The call for the rally under the motto "Down with the Iranian regime! Solidarity with Israel!" is also endorsed by the Jewish Community Vienna, Liberal Forum, the Green Party’s LGBT Group, the local branch of the Social Democratic Party (Mariahilf) and many others in a broad coalition. Among the speakers at the rally there will be Heribert Schiedel (Coalition against Anti-Semitism in Austria), Sogol Ayrom (Iranian Women’s Network Vienna) and Senol Akkilic (Councilor, Green Party). Peko Baxant (Councilor, Social Democratic Party), Maximilian Gottschlich (University of Vienna) and Robert Schindel (writer) are sending support messages. Schindel warns of "another Holocaust, this time with a bomb and in Israel."

Stephan Grigat, scientific advisor and co-founder of STOP THE BOMB, cautions against seeing Mr. Rohani who takes office the day after "Quds-Day" on 3 August 2013 in too gentle a light: "Rohani has called Israel the ‘Zionist Satan’ and is an integral part of the Iranian regime. He is the friendly face of terror." STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Stefan Schaden reminds the Europeans of their ongoing billion Euro trade with the Iranian regime: "We rally in support of the Iranian freedom movement and in support of tougher and more consistent sanctions against the Iranian regime."

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