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Wednesday, December 1st 2010

Rally against the "Iran-Seminar" of the Austrian Chambers of Commerce

STOP THE BOMB will hold a protest rally in Vienna and rejects the Chamber's justifications

On December 2nd, 8:30am, the STOP THE BOMB coalition will be holding a rally against the "Iran-Seminar" organised by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) at Schaumburgergasse 20, 1040 Vienna. This seminar is obviously designed to teach Austrian companies how to bypass the UN and EU sanctions and sustain their business ties. STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann rejects the justification efforts by Chamber representatives: "I am wondering how the Chamber of Commerce wants to make us believe that this seminar is designed to inform Austrian companies about the existing sanctions and their compliance, while at the same time they are inviting Michael Tockuss of the German-Iranian Trade Chamber, a strong lobbyist against sanctions and advocate for increased trade with the Iranian regime, as a speaker? Also, 'networking' as the final subject on the seminar's agenda, does not really support the idea of curbed activity in Iran, but rather seems to enhance new business ties."

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce has always been an outspoken advocate of expanded trade relations with the Iranian regime. For years, Chamber president Christoph Leitl has supported and demanded increased business ties with the anti-Semitic regime in Tehran. A regime that is continuously working on its nuclear and ballistic missiles programs, that has recently announced the launch of the nuclear reactor in Busher, that brutally oppresses the Iranian freedom movement, that hosts conferences on Holocaust denial, and that sponsors worldwide jihadist terror with its foreign trade revenues.



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