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Sunday, November 24th 2013

Fatal sign of appeasement

STOP THE BOMB criticizes Geneva deal with Iranian regime

The coalition STOP THE BOMB in a first assessment regards the Geneva deal between the Iranian regime and the five permanent UNSC members plus Germany as an unacceptable and dangerous concession towards the ayatollahs. The agreement accepts the plutonium reactor in Arak and allows for further uranium enrichment. The infrastructure of the nuclear program remains completely intact.

Stefan Schaden, STOP THE BOMB spokesperson in Austria: "The Geneva agreement is a clear violation of the still valid UNSC resolutions which demand a full stop of uranium enrichment in Iran. The Iranian regime has ignored these resolutions day by day. But now it receives a reward as the permanent UNSC members and Germany fall into line with this violation."

Stephan Grigat, Scientific Director of STOP THE BOMB, criticizes the erosion of the sanctions architecture: "The sanctions regime, which STOP THE BOMB has been campaigning for since 2007, was the reason why the Iranian regime was interested in a deal. It is therefore grotesque to relieve sanctions at this point and to reward the Iranian regime for its years of deception with billions of dollars. It seems impossible to reinforce the pressure with sanctions after this deal. Companies like Austria's OMV are already looking for ways to get business with Iran back on track. The ayatollahs can now be sure that the West will refrain from any serious confrontation with the regime. And the regime now knows that the West simply ignores the massive concerns voiced by Israel, for which the Iranian nuclear weapons program is an existential threat, and by major Arab states."

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