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Friday, July 11th 2014

No Bad Compromise with the Iranian Regime!

STOP THE BOMB warns against fatal nuclear deal

The coalition STOP THE BOMB fears that the UN veto powers and Germany will make dangerous concessions to the Iranian regime in the ongoing nuke talks in Vienna. Said Stefan Schaden, spokesperson for STOP THE BOMB in Austria: "We are currently witnessing an absurd situation where the UN veto powers contradict their own resolutions. They apparently want to allow Iran to further engage in uranium enrichment. The looming agreement would not stop the threats emerging from the Iranian nuclear weapons program but rather institutionalize them. Any agreement that does not dismantle the infrastructure of the Iranian nuclear program would have fatal consequences. And any deal that does not bring about a substantial improvement of the catastrophic human rights situation in Iran would betray the Iranian population."

Said Stephan Grigat, Scientific Director of STOP THE BOMB: "We are dealing with a regime, whose 'supreme leader' again even during the negotiations questioned the Holocaust, which executes even more people than under Ahmadinejad and which heavily arms its terror proxies in Gaza and Lebanon for their war against Israel. If there really has to be an agreement with such a regime, some minimal demands must be considered: The complete, permanent and verifiable cessation of uranium enrichment, the removal of stockpile of enriched uranium outside Iran, the closure of the underground facility in Fordow, the dismantlement of centrifuges in Natanz and the complete halt of construction of the Arak heavy water reactor. Inspections must take place not only in declared nuclear facilities but also for example at the Parchin military complex. The IAEA suspects that decisive experiments for the development of nuclear weapons took place at that site. The missiles program which aims to develop a carrier for nuclear warheads must be stopped completely. Without the implementation of these demands, the Iranian regime will always have a nuclear option."

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