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Wednesday, October 26th 2011

Cancel the visit to Iran by European parliamentarians!

The chair of European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran, Traja Cronberg (Green Party, Finland), has announced that a delegation consisting of five members of the European parliament will pay an official visit to Iran from October 30th to November 4th 2011. It is reported that the visit is a result of an initiative led by German MEP Kurt Lechner (CDU) and Barbara Lochbihler (former chair of European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran, Green Party Germany). The European coalition STOP THE BOMB demands to cancel the trip and asks Jerzy Buzek as president of the European parliament to denounce the renewed courting of the Iranian regime, which has been already criticized by several EU parliamentarians.


STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann opposes any steps that could be understood as support by the Iranian regime: "Instead of giving legitimacy to the Iranian regime by visiting them and offering dialogue - a legitimacy which the regime has lost amongst its people, the European parliament should call for tougher sanctions, especially against Iran's Central Bank and its oil and gas exports. The Iranian nuclear program and the export of terrorism have to be stopped."


German-Iranian author Saba Farzan views this trip as a slap into the face of every freedom loving Iranian. "If Mrs. Lochbihler and her delegation are not even interested in the Iranian freedom movement, at least they should consider the taxpayers money. Tax revenues pay for the scheduled talks with the murderers in Teheran namely. The only right position to take is to cancel the visit and reside with the freedom loving people of Iran."


Simone Dinah Hartmann (STOP THE BOMB Europe) 

Phone: +43 650 344 88 58


Jonathan Weckerle (STOP THE BOMB Germany) 

Phone: +49 176 80004095 



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