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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Friday, March 25th 2016

Iran’s regime denies the Holocaust - yet Austria’s Fischer to roll out the red carpet for Rouhani

Rouhani called Israel a "festering tumor" - Regime repeated annihilation threats #RouhaniNotWelcome

Austria, which claims it has come to terms with its National Socialist past since the Waldheim affair 30 years ago, is set to welcome with full honors the representative of a regime whose policies include the systematic denial of the Holocaust.

Said Stephan Grigat, Research Director of STOP THE BOMB: "Regime-sponsored Holocaust cartoon festivals and orchestrated 'Death to Israel' mass rallies: The Iranian regime never hides its antisemitic ideology. Just a few weeks ago, it test-fired missiles marked with threats to wipe out Israel - missiles that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem already today."

"On his website, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calls the Shoah a 'myth' and President Hassan Rouhani when asked about the reality of the Holocaust answered he was 'not a historian' - a popular strategy of Neo-Nazis and international Holocaust deniers", explained Raimund Fastenbauer, Secretary General of Vienna’s Jewish Community.

Daniel Kapp, speaker of the Austrian Friends of Israel, added: "President Heinz Fischer makes himself the willing helper of the anti-Semitic regime in Tehran, a regime that funds terrorism, openly stirs up hatred against Israel and Jews and even promotes a second Holocaust by threatening to annihilate Israel."

STOP THE BOMB, the Jewish Community, the Club of the Friends of Israel, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan-Iran and many others will be holding a protest rally under the motto #RouhaniNotWelcome on March 30th, 10am, in Vienna.

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