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Wednesday, January 14th 2009

Iran – an alternative supplier in times of energy shortage?

Iran – an alternative supplier in times of energy shortage? STOP THE BOMB criticizes Nabucco, Petrovic condemns deals with Iran

The STOP THE BOMB coalition, speaking out against doing business with the Iranian regime, wishes to express its appreciation of the statement by Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger during the ORF Press Hour on Sunday. Mr. Spindelegger expressed his opposition to finalizing a contract between OMV and Iran in the current situation, hinting at the Austrian government’s dwindling support for the planned billion Euro deal with the Iranian regime. However, STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann criticises Spindelegger’s endorsement of the Nabucco project: "If now is not the right time for the billion Euro deals of OMV, why does Spindelegger support the Nabucco project, which could not be operated profitably without Iranian natural gas?"

Hartmann criticizes the short-sightedness of such an energy policy: "Instead of consequently backing renewable energy sources, the government seems to prefer to become dependent on a regime such as the Iranian one, which uses oil and gas revenues both for its fight against the West and for suppressing its own population, and which is, politically speaking, even more unreliable than Russia." In the light of the current situation in the Middle East, STOP THE BOMB’s spokesperson refers to Iran’s support of the terrorist organization Hamas: "The regime in Tehran helped the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood in their jihad against Israel with millions of dollars, arms and military training. Any trade with the Iranian regime constitutes financing of international terrorism."

Madeleine Petrovic, leader of the Green Party in Lower Austria, who has recently joined the ranks of prominent supporters of the STOP THE BOMB petition against trade with the mullah regime, severely criticizes deals with Iran: "Those who today question Israel’s right to exist and who support the spreading of hatred and suffering will tomorrow jeopardize the integrity of other states. International solidarity is therefore necessary: no deals, no naive and baseless trust as long as the regime’s rhetoric and actions do not change credibly, effectively and with lasting consequences!" In this context STOP THE BOMB also emphasizes its appreciation for the clear statements by the Green Party spokesperson, Eva Glawischnig, and their spokesman for finance and budget, Werner Kogler, opposing the building of the Nabucco pipeline.


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