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Monday, July 22nd 2013

Only full ban of Hezbollah is effective!

STOP THE BOMB calls partial ban insufficient

The coalition STOP THE BOMB regards today's ban of Hezbollah's 'military wing' in the European Union as a first step, but is still critical of Europe's half-hearted solution and demands a full ban of the terrorist organisation. Stephan Grigat, scientific advisor and co-founder of STOP THE BOMB, explains the absurdity of separating between an armed and a political-social wing: "This separation is denied by Hezbollah itself in its founding document, where it reads: 'Our military apparatus is not separate from our overall social fabric. Each of us is a fighting soldier.' Hezbollah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah is reiterating this until today. Without a total ban, Hezbollah will still be able to continue fundraising and to promote its anti-Semitic and terrorist agenda in Europe. Continued 'political dialogue' with this organisation as suggested by State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka (Austrian People's Party, ÖVP) is like a stab in the back of that part of the Lebanese population who does not want to give in to Hezbollah's terror and the Iranian regime's interference in Lebanon."

STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Stefan Schaden demands: 'If a full ban of Hezbollah cannot be achieved at the EU level, Austria and other EU member states have to take unilateral steps against this terror organisation. We are also curious which conclusions the Austrian authorities will draw from today's partial ban: Will the police ban Hezbollah flags usually on display at the annual Iranian-regime-sponsored 'Quds-March' on 3 August in Vienna? And will Hezbollah now finally be mentioned in the annual Report on the Protection of the Constitution?"

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