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Thursday, July 18th 2013

Hezbollah on the EU terror list

STOP THE BOMB demands addition of Islamist militia to EU’s terror list

The coalition STOP THE BOMB urges Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger to support the addition of Hezbollah to the EU’s terror list, a measure being discussed today in Brussels. STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Stefan Schaden underlines the importance of this move: “Banning Hezbollah would enable the EU to freeze the organisation’s assets in Europe and to prevent its fundraising and propaganda efforts on European soil. Especially last year’s attacks and attempted attacks by Hezbollah terrorists in EU member states like Bulgaria and Cyprus have proven the necessity of such a move. Or does Austria want to serve as a safe haven for an anti-Semitic terrorist organisation?”

Hezbollah is funded and armed by the Iranian regime. Currently it is actively involved in the Syrian civil war supporting its long-time ally Assad and his regime. In Lebanon, Hezbollah regards parliamentarism as a temporarily useful tool for the consolidation of its own position of power, but not as an alternative to its armed struggle. It therefore did not refrain from using its weapons also in internal Lebanese in-fights.

Stephan Grigat, scientific advisor of STOP THE BOMB and its co-founder, demands: “Austria should finally follow the lead of the Netherlands and Canada which labelled Hezbollah a terrorist organisation as did Egypt already some years ago.”

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