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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Monday, May 4th 2015

Is Austria’s Economic Chamber Deliberately Misleading Companies on Iran?

False claims by WKO about „concluded Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”

In spite of still existing sanctions, recent multi-billion dollar fines against Commerzbank and PayPal for violations and ongoing investigations against companies like Deutsche Bank, Austria’s Economic Chambers WKO will hold a seminar on "Doing business with Iran" tomorrow, on May 5th, in Vienna. The Chamber promotes the seminar on its website using false claims about an allegedly "concluded Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" in order to apparently encourage businessmen to clinch risky deals with the Iranian regime.

As a matter of fact, no agreement with Iran has been "concluded", let alone signed. A future "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" is still to be negotiated based on the Lausanne declarations, which involved very different interpretations by the U.S., France, the EU and Iran. The only clear thing is that grave differences persist, especially concerning the lifting of sanctions.

The Iranian economy, and foreign trade in particular, is to a great extent under state control of a regime which massively oppresses its own citizens, denies the Holocaust, threatens Israel with annihilation, executes homosexuals, is a global sponsor of terror and hinders international shipping as it turned out last week with Iran’s attack against Maersk Tigris. It is highly irritating that such a regime would be a preferred trading partner for the Austrian Chamber. STOP THE BOMB activists will therefore be on the spot in front of the WKO seminar’s venue and inform the participants about the character of the Iranian regime and the dangers of doing business with this regime.

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