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Wednesday, October 20th 2010

STOP THE BOMB Coalition calls for creation of an EU-wide oversight body to verify compliance of Iran sanctions

STOP THE BOMB, a leading coalition of European NGOs dedicated to stopping Iran's military nuclear program, calls today on European decision-makers to immediately create a multinational advisory group to monitor the compliance of European sanctions against Iran. 


Working with international allies to seek comprehensive sanctions against Iran, European decision-makers should be commended for drawing a line in the sand against Iran by passing the most recent EU-wide sanctions. 


Now, European leaders have the responsibility to ensure that these measures are fully enforced. In order to guarantee compliance with these critical sanctions and to send a message to all European governments and corporations, STOP THE BOMB is calling on European policymakers to create an oversight structure that will examine the implementation of the latest sanctions package, especially in the energy, shipping, financial and insurance sector.


Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson for the STOP THE BOMB Coalition, said, "Now is the time to ensure that there is full compliance of the Iran sanctions recently passed by the European Union. By creating an oversight structure, there is a better chance European governments and businesses will abide by the letter and spirit of the new laws and requirements." 


The recently passed European sanctions against Iran cover a wide-range of targets that affect each of the 27 EU member states and countless businesses. It is based on the UN Security Council's five resolutions demanding Iran immediately halt its illicit nuclear work that threatens its neighboring states, Israel, the West and the Iranian people.


"It is critical that an independent body, appointed by Europe's top leadership, be created quickly. We have seen that multi-lateral sanctions can have an impact to date. To ensure a level playing field in Europe, and to drive the message home to the leadership in Tehran that these sanctions are real and hurtful, an oversight structure is essential. Policy makers must send a clear message to stop this regime from acquiring nuclear weapons and continuing the violation of human rights and oppression against the Iranian people", said Hartmann. 



The European STOP THE BOMB coalition for a nuclear free and democratic Iran is a broad-based, non-partisan coalition with EU member states allies that seeks to prevent a nuclear Iran. 

STOP THE BOMB tries to raise public and political awareness of the Iranian nuclear threat and to provide information about the character of the Iranian regime. The organization seeks to educate key decision makers on the Iranian military nuclear program and the threat it poses to Israel, the region and Europe. Also, the coalition exposes the continued business relationship between European companies and the Iranian regime. As such, STOP THE BOMB works towards the imposition of consistent economic and political sanctions against the Iranian regime and the support of the secular, constitutional and democratic opposition in Iran and in exile.





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