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Wednesday, June 18th 2008

EURO 2008 - Business Ranking Iran

STOP THE BOMB presents an online ranking of the Euro 2008 countries in terms of their trade volume with Iran

The campaign STOP THE BOMB – Coalition against the Iranian extermination program that stands up against trade with Iran together with international supporters presents an online ranking of the Euro 2008 countries in terms of their trade volume with Iran.

The most important commercial partner of Iran in Europe is Italy, followed by Turkey, that will keep its position due to a 2.25 Billion Euro deal signed last year. Germany ranks third, it might, however, be the secret European champion while conducting more and more of its commerce via third party countries. France, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Greece hold further top positions. STOP THE BOMB’s website also provides a ranking in relation to the per capita figures with Greece as European champion of trade with Iran.

Political scientist Stephan Grigat, who is a political advisor of STOP THE BOMB, points out that the hosts of the Euro 2008 do everything in their power to ascend to top positions: “OMV – with the Austrian state holding more than 30 % of its shares - plans to enter into a Billion Euro Agreement with Iran as is generally known. Switzerland is not just ahead of its Euro 2008 hostpartner as to football skills: The Swiss power company Laufenburg signed a deal with the Iranian Gas Export Company in April 2008 with a an estimated total volume of 18 Billion Euros.”

Every deal with the Iranian regime is an economic, political and propagandistic success for the dictatorship of the Ayatollahs, says Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB: “Those who trade with Iran finance the repression of the Iranian population, the propaganda for the extermination of Israel and the armament of the mullahs.” Hiwa Bahrami, who is the Austrian representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran, states: “Those who conduct negotiations and a ‘dialogue’ with this regime, stab that Iranian opposition in the back, that has been fighting for a democratic, constitutional and secular Iran for decades.”

The campaign STOP THE BOMB therefore stands up for broad economic sanctions against the Iranian regime and for a dialogue with the Iranian opposition instead of the mullahs.

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