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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday, November 11th 2015

International Book Fair Vienna BUCH WIEN Rewards Iranian Executioner Regime With Own Pavilion

Iranian Embassy offers a daily „consultation service“ with known anti-Semites & Islamists – Persecution of writers & journalists in Iran – Regime recently reconfirmed death fatwa against Salman Rushdie

Vienna’s international book fair BUCH WIEN has a full-fledged scandal on its hands: The Iranian regime which persecutes, arrests, jails, flogs and even executes writers, artists, cartoonists, journalists and political opponents, and is set to reach a new execution record this year, is rewarded by BUCH WIEN with its own pavilion. The book fair is sponsored by the City of Vienna, the Austrian Federal Chancellery, and the Ministry for Education and Women.

According to Iranian regime media, at the pavilion the Iranian embassy is going to offer a daily "consultation service" with known Islamists Nezamuddin Haeri Shirazi and Mohammad Kiarashi who have, amongst others, close ties to the "Islamic Center Hamburg" (IZH), an important center for the Iranian regime in Europe to spread its anti-Semitic propaganda. Now they obviously want to disseminate the jihadist and anti-Semitic ideology of the Iranian regime at BUCH WIEN. STOP THE BOMB demands the immediate cancelation of the invitation for the Iranian regime by those responsible at BUCH WIEN and a statement by the sponsors.

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