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Wednesday, May 4th 2016

OMV bets on business with Iran’s terror mullahs and Holocaust deniers

STOP THE BOMB warns against high risks of terror financing, money laundering and complicity in human rights abuses

While European banks and insurers hesitate to return to Iran because of the dangers of terror financing, money laundering and corruption, Austria’s energy giant OMV presses ahead and revives its business ties with the Iranian regime. OMV today signed a motion of understanding with Iran’s national oil company NIOC that covers several areas from oil and gas field evaluation and exploitation to crude oil and petroleum product swaps.

The partly state-owned OMV contradicts its own code of conduct, in which the company declares its commitment to human rights. According to the UN, soaring executions, floggings, amputation punishments, denied access to education and employment are still a reality in Iran. Homosexuality is still punishable by death.

STOP THE BOMB’s Research Director Stephan Grigat warns: "OMV must be ready to face the accusation that with their deals they support the brutal oppression of the Iranian population and the financing of Islamist terror organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. Conducting business with the Iranian regime means to finance its policies, including the expansion in Syria, the nuclear and missiles programs and even events dedicated to Holocaust denial. A previous memorandum of understanding, which had been signed prior to the harsh sanctions against Iran, resulted in massive international protests".

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