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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Saturday, July 11th 2015

"Together Against Anti-Semitism" - STOP THE BOMB supports protests against anti-Semitic "Quds-Day"

Lectures & demonstration of Jewish, Christian, LGBT, Kurdish & anti-Fascist organizations

No Quds-Day! Together Against Anti-Semitism! #noalquds

Two lectures on the Iranian regime's anti-Semitism, its export of the revolution and on the anti-Semitic mass rallies of last year across Europe will be held (in German) on 7 July 7 & 9.

Rally "No Quds-Day! Together Against Anti-Semitism!"
Saturday 11 July 2015, 4pm (Info desk 3pm - 6pm
Stock-im-Eisen-Platz, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Supporting organizations see below

In Mid-July, Islamists and Anti-Semites in Vienna will mark the so-called “Quds Day” yet another time like in other cities worldwide. Introduced in 1979 after the “Islamic Revolution” in Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini, the “Day for the liberation of Jerusalem from Zionist occupation” – i.e. the propaganda event for the destruction of Israel – is to be held annually after the end of Ramadan. A gender-segregated demonstration led by Mullahs will follow this call in Vienna in one of the city’s biggest anti-Semitic demonstrations. Disguised as “peaceful” they call for an end to Israel’s existence. This central goal of the Iranian regime - Israel’s annihilation - has not changed since 1979.

At „Quds March“, the flag of the organization responsible for numerous deadly terror attacks worldwide especially against Jews will be on display: the flag of Hezbollah. Last year Austria’s Ministry of the Interior registered banners saying “Boycott the 4th Reich Zionists = Nazis” with a Star of David turning into a swastika.

Meanwhile the City Council of Vienna adopted the “Viennese Declaration for the Fight Against Anti-Semitism” which explicitly addresses all sorts of anti-Semitism. We therefore call upon all anti-Fascist politicians in Vienna and the civil society to join our alliance and to take a clear stand against “Quds-March”!

While the fans of the Iranian regime march in Vienna, nothing substantial has improved in smiling President Hassan Rouhani’s Iran. The number of executions has dramatically increased under his presidency. Homosexuality is still punishable by death. Misogynous laws aim to reduce women to baby-making machines. Rouhani, who said Israel is an “old wound on the body of Islam”, takes usually part in Tehran’s “Quds-March” like his predecessors. Even during the nuclear talks a high-ranking Iranian general declared “Israel’s destruction” is “nonnegotiable”. A couple of days after the Lausanne agreement, the regime proudly announced the high number of participants in their Holocaust cartoon contest. And just recently a top advisor to the “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei loudly proclaimed that “Iran has the divine permission to destroy Israel”.

By boosting both trade and political cooperation, European countries like Austria have enabled the Iranian regime for the last 36 years to continue with its nuclear and missiles programs - programs that now the West seems ready to accept. In a move to get business back on track, Austria’s President Heinz Fischer plans to travel to Iran and visit the anti-Semitic regime as the first EU head of state since 2005. Whoever is doing business with this regime, however, finances the propaganda of the rulers in Tehran, their regional expansion and the oppression of the Iranian population. The aggression of the Iranian regime, whose „Supreme Leader“ has time and again questioned the historical reality of the Holocaust, is not only directed against the Jewish State. Subject to its bloody terror are also those Iranians who wish to evade the regimentation of their lives by the regime – be it political activists, unionists, homosexuals, religious minorities or just simply youth who want to live their lives in self-determination and without the Sharia’s constant coercion.

Solidarity with the freedom movement in Iran and the secular opposition in Iran and in exile!
Solidarity with Israel! Against all forms of anti-Semitism!
No state visits at anti-Semitic regimes!
No business deals with Holocaust deniers!
For a total ban of the terror organization Hezbollah in Europe!

Website: Alliance against Quds-Day in Vienna 2015

Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien
Club der Freunde Israels
Aktion gegen den Antisemitismus in Österreich
Bundesrat Marco Schreuder (Die Grünen, Bundessprecher der Grünen Andersrum)
Gemeinderat und LT-Abg. Peter Florianschütz (SPÖ)
Gemeinderat und LT-Abg. Senol Akkilic
GRAS – Grüne und Alternative StudentInnen
Jüdische Österreichische HochschülerInnen
Kurdische Gesellschaft für Bildung, Integration und Kultur
Österreichisch-Israelische Gesellschaft
Christen an der Seite Israels – Österreich
WIFNO- Wissenschaft für Frieden in Nahost
AUGE/UG Wien – Alternative & Grüne GewerkschafterInnen/Unabhängige GewerkschafterInnen
HOSI Homosexuelle Initiative Wien
Or Chadasch Jüdisch-Liberale Gemeinde Wien
Women’s International Zionist Organisation/European Council of WIZO Federations
Zwi Peres Chajes Loge der Bnai Brith
Die Grünen Andersrum Wien
SoHo – LSBTI-Organisation der SPÖ
Junge Linke
Republikanischer Club – Neues Österreich
Basisgruppe Politikwissenschaft
Misrachi Österreich
Prof. Kurt Rosenkranz (Gründer des Jüdischen Instituts für Erwachsenenbildung und des Jiddischen Kulturherbstes)
Zionistische Föderation in Österreich
Bund Sozialdemokratischer Juden - Avoda
KünstlerInnenkollektiv monochrom
Café Critique
Pro Zion Austria
and others

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