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Wednesday, May 14th 2014

No Deals With the Iranian Regime!

Rally & info stall at the annual OMV shareholders' meeting


Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 01:00 PM

Austria Center Vienna, Bruno-Kreisky-Platz
1220 Vienna

Nothing fundamental has changed in Iran under the new President Hassan Rouhani. He is not a „bearer of hope“ but the friendly face of terror. The regime in Tehran continues to threaten Israel with annihilation and to acquire a nuclear option. The „Supreme Leader“, Ali Khamenei, again questioned the reality of the Holocaust some weeks ago. The number of executions has skyrocketed. Homosexuality is still punished with the death penalty. Religious and ethnic minorities are still being discriminated against and persecuted. The regime brutally oppresses its political opponents.

The Austrian oil and gas giant OMV, which is partly state-owned, already wanted to close a 22 billion Euros deal with the Iranian regime under former President Ahmadinejad. OMV has now declared it wants to renew its Iran business. OMV CEO Gerhard Roiss already met with the Iranian Oil Minister to prepare new deals. Such deals keep the ayatollahs in power and empower them to continue their dictatorship. Whoever is doing business with this regime also finances the nuclear program, the annihilation threats against Israel, the Holocaust denial and the oppression of the Iranian population.



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