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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tuesday, April 8th 2014

No Dialogue With Holocaust Deniers!

Public reading on occasion of the Vienna nuke talks

Public reading & rally

Tuesday, April 8th 2014, 11:00 AM

Theodor-Herzl-Platz/Gartenbaupromenade 7, 1010 Vienna

Contributions by
Robert Schindel (Author)
Nahid Bagheri-Goldschmied (Author)
Amir Goodarzi (Author)
Andreas Peham (Expert on Right-Wing Extremism, DÖW)
and others

Organized by STOP THE BOMB
Supported by Jewish Community Vienna (IKG), Initiative Against Anti-Semitism in Austria, HOSI - Homosexual Initiative Vienna, Austrian-Israeli Society, Bagru - Political Science Students Group, Christians for Israel - Austria, QueerHebrews, and others

We voice our protest against the silence of Austrian and European politicians over the Holocaust denial by the Iranian regime. When will it finally be understood in this country that Holocaust denial and annihilation threats against Israel must not remain unchallenged - no matter who denies it and where in this world? A regime like the Iranian whose "Supreme Leader" has just recently again questioned the reality of the Holocaust cannot be a partner for dialogue! Therefore we also demand the cancellation of the announced trips of Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz and Austrian President Heinz Fischer to Tehran. These trips would be nothing but another act of cosying up to the homophobic, antisemitic and misogynist regime. Fischer would be the first Western head of state since 2005 to visit the Iranian regime.

This sign of approval for the Iranian regime will undoubtedly be interpreted by Austrian companies and especially by the Austrian Economic Chambers WKO as a license to return to business as usual while most sanctions against the Iranian regime are still in place. Western money helps this regimes to finance the brutal oppression of the Iranian population, executions, the nuclear program and the Holocaust denial.

The massive concerns voiced by Israel, which is the primary target of the Iranian nuclear program, are being shrugged off in the negotiations. We take a stand against this attitude by the international community with our rally at Vienna’s Theodor-Herzl-Square, named after one of the pioneers of Zionism.

No dialogue with Holocaust deniers!
No business with the Iranian regime!
For the support of the democratic and secular opposition in Iran & in exile!

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