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Monday, June 29th 2015

Iran nuclear talks: Rally in Vienna on July 1st

STOP THE BOMB, Jewish Community of Vienna & PDKI to protest against a rotten compromise with the Iranian regime

No acceptance of the Iranian nuclear program, no rotten compromise with Holocaust deniers, for the support of the Iranian opposition: The European coalition STOP THE BOMB, the Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG) and the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) will be holding a protest rally against a dangerous deal with the Iranian regime at Vienna’s Theodor-Herzl-Square on Wednesday, 1 July, 12:00 noon. An information desk will be open from 09:00am - 03:00pm.

Raimund Fastenbauer, the Jewish Community’s Secretary General, declares: "Whoever negotiates with the ayatollahs, but ignores the Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei’s Holocaust denial, has already fallen for Hassan Rouhani’s and Mohammad Zarif’s charm offensive. And whoever ignores the permanently repeated Iranian annihilation threats against Israel is actually putting up the Jewish State’s existence for negotiation."

Regarding the nuclear talks, Stephan Grigat of STOP THE BOMB adds: "A deal, which leaves the infrastructure of the nuclear and missiles programs intact, institutionalizes the dangers arousing from these programs permanently. The policy of appeasement toward the Iranian regime enables its regional expansion in the Middle East."

Hiwa Bahrami, representative of the PDKI in Germany and Austria, calls for the support of the Iranian opposition: "It is like a stab in the back of the democratic and secular opposition in Iran and in exile to recognize regime figures as legitimate negotiating partners while the same regime executes more people under Rouhani than under Ahmadinejad."

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